We believe that land investment is one of the most secure and productive investment tools in the world, which is why Invest4land is taking the land Investment to the next level.  We achieve this by creating a unique free-hold managed farmland model, benefitting from generations of know-how combined with a strong corporate culture. Invest4Land’s mission is to lead the global transition to a new generation agricultural investment model which has been structured as a result of years of study, research, dedication and massive infrastructural investment.

Today, Invest4Land manages 60 agricultural farmland assets on behalf of its individual investors, both international and corporate.

We offer diversified harvested farmland options for our investors, although we mainly focus on the production of secure and valuable crops such as walnuts. Our projects are located in the different parts of Turkey but are mainly in the Aegean region of Manisa,

We offer individually managed separate accounts that are fully customized to meet specific client investment objectives. Agricultural investments seek to provide institutional investors with a number of benefits including:

  • Attractive returns
  • Excellent capital preservation
  • Portfolio diversification
  • Low risk
  • Low correlation to traditional assets such as equities and bonds

Visit Invest4Land website for more information: www.invest4land.com

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