API Group`s journey in the Turkish real estate, agriculture, and tourism market has been a long and exciting one.  2018 will be a very exciting year for us as we have been investing heavily especially in the agriculture business. Konsept Tarim has become one of the largest walnut producers in Turkey and in the region and we have been attracting many investors with our successful marketing and management brand of ours Invest4land.  We are also planning to start for the construction of an integrated nuts factory facility in Manisa region within 2018.

Throughout our many years of Turkish real estate experience, we had been able to establish ourselves as one of the leading and most respected place in the market. We differentiated ourselves by creating unique market opportunities for our investors and turned them into successful achievements.

Our strong relationships and experiences with reputable developers, landowners and local authorities have led us to structure our organization to meet the needs of global individual and institutional investors.

Today, Turkey’s economic outlook looks brighter than ever due to the country’s highly skilled labor power, young population, and stable growth. Turkey is now one of the most emerging markets for the investors as Turkey has a population of over 80 million people with an average age of 30 years old, including a significant consumer base. The Turkish economy has stable growth and positioned itself as the fastest growing economy in the world. These economic figures have attracted many foreign investors towards Turkey.

After a decade of continued growth and stability, Turkey received its first sovereign investment-grade rating since 1994 and is now considered one of the most attractive emerging markets for investment and development. Turkey is the 6th largest tourism destination in the world and 4th in Europe, with over 30 million visitors a year. Our health tourism industry is growing every year and now we are one of the leading countries in this market. Furthermore, Istanbul was the eight most visited cities in the world with more than 8 million international visitors and that number increases every year. Being one of the leading players in the Turkish agriculture, real estate, and tourism sectors, we believe that this trend will increase over the medium term and we will continue to see more and more attractive investment opportunities.

Observing the fast increase in the individual and institutional investor demand from the Middle Eastern and global buyers in the Turkish real estate and alternative investment market, we have decided to establish highly professional real estate consultancy firm to use our significant market knowledge and know-how and marry that with the specific needs and requirements of our investors. We have partnered up with one of the well-recognized architects from the Middle East to power up our team. In the real estate sector, we are very proud to be partners of hugely successful concept projects.

I believe that ISTANBUL is one of the most beautiful cities in the world and the Turkish coastline is amazingly beautiful. These are very opportunistic times to invest in Turkey as Turkey has so much to offer.

API Group has assisted thousands of foreign investors so far and that is something else we are very proud of. We always try to provide the best possible service to our investors during and after their investments. We look forward to offering our services to our individual and corporate investors with our strong brands Invest4land and Api Investment.

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